An on-line store is not available at this time.  This is a sample of items available by request or special order.  Most items can be purchased at

Seaside Gallery and Goods located at 124 Tustin Avenue, Newport Beach, California.

Driftwood trees 













Stars or Hearts






The Fleet  ;)

 Reclaimed Wood Whale

 Sea Horse Pairs (various colors)



Painted, recycled redwood with driftwood tree



Recycled wood flags

                                                  (weathered wood planks with sea stars - approx. 3ft x 5ft)  


Wood Pumpkins with DRIFTWOOD stem! 

California made from reclaimed wood

The United States of America made from reclaimed wood

 Please contact me for prices, or for any orders or special requests as a paypal store is not yet available on this site. 


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